Christmas – The Birth of the Light Within

ImageWhen I was growing up I always felt that after Christmas day, the magic was over and all that was left were the months of cold and barrenness. Christmas was always so bittersweet, just like many other large events that you anxiously await; the event was the last day of that sweet anticipation.

Since entering the Waldorf world and working with The Cycle of the Year by Rudolf Steiner, this has all changed. What does Christmas represent to me now?

The beginning.

It’s the beginning of feeling Christ’s light within us.

Seeing this light around us in our loved ones as we draw inward in the winter.

Meditating on how the earth, while appearing desolate from the surface, is really bustling with activity in preparation for spring.

It’s three long months when we are challenged to really slow down and focus on how there is still life and light in places that we would not normally look. With work, this light will light continue to fill me, all of us, past the Twelve Holy Nights and into the stillness of Winter. This is what Christmas now means to me. The birth of the light within.

“What has become often a mere festival of gifts cannot be said to have the same meaning as what the Christmas festival meant to people for many centuries in the past. Through the celebration of this festival the souls used to blossom forth with hope-filled joy, with hope-borne certainty, and with the awareness of belonging to a Spiritual Being, Who descended from Spiritual heights, and united Himself with the earth, so that every human soul of good may share in His powers.”
~ Rudolf Steiner

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