Learning Auntiehood, Aka: Learning to Keep My Mouth Shut


I just returned from visiting my sister and her new family, where I got to lay around while my nephew snuggled and slept on my chest all day. I fell instantly in LOVE with him and with being and aunt! I am really going to love spoiling that adorable child rotten!

I also got a taste for my foot when I put it in mouth a few times. I have quite a bit of information and far too many opinions. I often practice keeping them to myself until asked (or put them on my blog) but with my sister I was too comfortable bombarding her with insights that she didn’t ask for and might not have wanted. Once when I crossed the line I sincerely apologized and was graciously forgiven. On the (quiet, toddler-less) flight home I contemplated my new roll as an aunt.

As an older sister, I often lecture her on what I think the best course is for her life. I have an instinct to protect my little sister and it will come out in ways that may not be helpful, like opinions and information that works for me but not necessarily for her. My sister is very different from me, of course she will mother differently.

I was actually amazed, though not surprised, by my sisters level of calm around her newborn. She IS calmer and more laid back than me as I have to work hard to cultivate that level of zen. She is also braver than me and far more impulsive. She will love her son more than anything in the world as she has a strong heart with deep compassion for those she loves. These are just some of the gifts that she has to offer her son!

So I am actually quite happy that we are now fellow mothers. Her son chose HER and she will learn her own way to be his mother. She will even have an abundance to teach me if I can keep my mouth shut and listen.


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