36 Things You DON’T Need as a New Parent and 36 Qualities You Do

I saw this article on BuzzFeed listing 36 new and ingenious products that you’ll want as a new parent. All I could think was how silly this was, how these are just 36 things that get in the way of real connection. Admittedly there were a few great idea, like the mailbox and the sidecar co-sleeper, but I’ll pass on the rest! When becoming a new parent we are trained to think we NEED STUFF to make it easier. This could not be farther from the truth; it is not the gathering of stuff that will prepare us for parenting, it’s the gathering of qualities within ourselves.

So skip the trip to the mall to buy those few last items that you have been convinced you need and start preparing to fill you basket with these 36 QUALITIES you will need as a parent.

1. Patience

2. Understanding

3. Joy for the little things

4. A sense of perspective

5. A sense of calm

6. Silliness

7. The ability to laugh at yourself for all of the mistakes you (and ALL of us) make.

8. Gentleness

9. Faithfulness

10. The ability to make tough decisions.

11. An openness to drastic changes

12. More patience

13. Humility

14. Tough skin against the criticism of others

15. Empathy for your child

16. A Lightness of Heart

17. Support for your partner

18. Conviction

19. Forgiveness

20. Self-awareness

21. Perseverance (this is a LONG road you are embarking on!)

22. Courage

23. Honesty

24. Gratitude for every moment, for everything you are blessed with.

25. Contentment

26. Generosity

27. Confidence

28. Attentiveness

29. Enthusiasm

30. Optimism

31. Creativity

32. Respect for other Parents; it’s hard work and they don’t need your judgement to make it harder.

33. Respect for your Child

34. Respect for your Partner

35. Respect for yourself

36. Unconditional love

You DO NOT need to be all of these things, of course not. But when we strive to be better people our children recognize this and this striving will be one of the best qualities you can pass onto them.


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