Supporting the Busy Bee’s of Spring by Changing OUR Actions.

Spring is here! This means more sunshine, new life and busy, busy, busy children! I have seen this every year in my 10 years of working with children yet I am still surprised to see it in my own son. He appears to now made of a bursting ball of light that bounces around all over, doesn’t sleep and goes about the house literally screaming in pure joy! On night I sat down and made a list of all of the things that I can change about myself to support the wild children caught up in the flurry of energy and new life bursting forth in the world. ;)

1. Keep grounded: My temperament easily gets caught up in the season as well; Must be my inner child. This is serious time of year to be keep up with my meditative practice and constantly working on the 3 tricks to keep calm. 

2. Don’t get caught up in the sillies: The children will be full of zest and happiness that can overtake everyone. Let the other children run around acting like maniacs, but keep yourself tamed to a quiet amusement.

3. Less caffeine and sugar:  Yes, this time of year I cut WAY back! From 6 cups of black tea a day I try to keep it to 1 or 2. Caffeine really affects me and combined with the increase in spring energy it will make ME bounce off the walls!

4. No daydreaming: I bet this sounds weird? Well, when we day dream we are not present with our children. It is so easy for me to get lost in spring time day dreams. I will refocus myself to quietly observing the children or reading a grounded book (I’m currently reading The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker.)

5. Be understanding, it will pass: Sleep will be affected, eating habits will be affected and temper tantrums may happen more. They may need more support during this time, especially with sleep. Once late-spring comes around they will calm down a bit and everyone will adjust.

6. SLEEP! This one is very important for me because I get so many new ideas this time of year that I will stay up until the wee hours writing blog posts, planning my garden or writing business plans (more on THAT later). :) So I have to rein myself in every single night and make myself wind down even earlier than before; actually I even have my son wind down early now.

Any tips that help you in the spring time? I would LOVE to hear them. Good luck with your spring transition!


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