About Sydney Steiner

This blog is my brain-child that is just about the same age as my son; born out of turmoil and revelation in March 2012. I was a tired and overwhelmed mom and had a strong desire to share my own challenges and successes with other parents for solidarity and support. Through my blogging connections, I met many amazing moms and fellow bloggers and found that my voice really WAS helpful! My stories were stories needed to be heard by others because knowing you aren’t alone in this wild world of parenting is such a relief.

Soon, I would discover that the most intense side of parenting was actually the myriad of judgement from other mothers when we decide to make opposing choices. My big conflict was sleep. I chose to sleep train both of my children and received SO much criticism and shame for this. Ultimately this only served as a catalyst to start a sleep training group where parents would be free to discuss their sleep plans without this harsh and unnecessary voice. The group, Respectful Sleep Training/Learning, started out so small but has now grown to over a group of over.    Parents seeking restful nights and sanity.

In April of 2016, I finally decided to return to my calling in life as a Waldorf Preschool Teacher so stepped down from my blog and all online support networks. I’ve recently decided to open  this blog back up for my archived posts, because I still feel that my stories can help others.