How my Son Helped Me Understand God’s Love.

A few weeks ago, in the sermon at my church I was reminded of the first time I felt that I understood how God loves me. I was looking at my son as he was in the bath. He was just marveling at the water; how it flowed in and our of cups and splashed into hundred of droplets when he tossed himself into the tub. I just watched this perfect little person discovering life. Then he got soap in his eyes and cried and I held him. He went from happiness to sadness in one moment, from complete playing on his own to needing me deeply within a second and I was right there for him. For some reason just then I thought of how THIS is just what I am like with God. Sometimes in the joyful moments I am marveling in my life and everything magical and He is watching me, just relishing in how I enjoy His creations. God never NEEDS anything from me, he just wants to watch me light up at everything He has created. Then he is always right there when we fall. Just as joyfully, never tiring of our dependance on Him during these times. Complete, unconditional love.

God loves us not just when we are full of gratitude of asking for HIm, but also when we are angry with him and when we make mistake after mistake. His love never ends and THIS can be a model for our parenting.

Since my son was born I have been focusing on cultivating this view for my son. I want to let him live his life with me ever waiting to respond when he needs me with unconditional love. This requires work as it asks us to let our children make mistake, and to love them anyways. When they push us away or look at us with those mad eyes that break our heart, we just rise up again and love them anyways. We are human so it will hurt, but the constant striving to forgive and have compassion will not just make us stronger, but will make our children stronger.


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