How Do You Keep The Holiday Season Calm?


Today marks the beginning of a month packed with holidays and parties. Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years and all of the gatherings and such in between. Usually this means the start of a packed schedule and more chaos during the month. However, this year I am determined to keep a calm and peaceful atmosphere for my family. Part of the reason for this is that I’m 20 weeks pregnant and my son is very sensitive these days. Though the main reason is that I am always wanting to actual imbue the season with the peace that the season is meant for.

So this whole month I will be working on a series about my journey to balance the excitement that comes from mainstream Christmas with the inner calm that comes from it’s spiritual counterpart. Hopefully this will not only keep me more relaxed, but instill different values in the season for my son to grow up with.


One thought on “How Do You Keep The Holiday Season Calm?”

  1. Sounds like a nice plan. :)
    We are in the middle of moving house, so this house is a bit stressful atm. but we’ll get nice and settled in good time for X-mas. :)
    I can’t wait to get into the new house and make it nice and xmassy. hehe

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