Moms, You ARE Doing Great!

I saw this and HAD to re-post! I love this! At first I was intrigued by the title Confessions of a High-Heel Wearing Hippy Mommy, since I myself feel like I would like to be a fancy lady, but in my heart am still a hippy. Then when I read her post, I’m not trying to win a medal, I was completely inspired. She writes that “Finding balance is tricky – the balance between knowing what’s “best,” and knowing what works for me and my kids.”

I feel that is something I struggle with every day, and everyday have to remind myself that I AM doing great! I am bombarded by information on the internet and books (since I choose to be apart of these things), and I have all of this information from 3 years of Waldorf Teacher Training and more often than I like, I let that information lead me to feel guilt and regret. Recently a new friend and RIE mom , who has quite a bit more Waldorf and RIE training than myself, told me that the greatest gift I could give myself is to forget everything I have learned and simply be a Mom. I love that because it feels so true in my heart that I am a good Mom and care so deeply for my son and any other children I am around, from my friends children to children in classes I have taught.

So today, for my fellow Mothers (and Fathers if you follow) I would like to tell you that YOU are doing a great job; you are doing your best and that is exactly enough for your children. They love you for all you give to them and all you give to YOURSELVES. So have a cup of tea and pat yourself on your back.

From the wonderful High-Heeled Hippy Mommy I think I have found my new Mantra: “I have a full house, a full heart and very full hands.  Life is crazy, but it’s good.  I’m finding my way.  And I’m doing okay.”


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