For the Love of Nature

We all want our children to love nature, right? Well the first step in that process is to love nature ourselves! Little ones love to sit and watch nature, so it’s important to give them time to do so.

They love to sit and watch the dandelion gently blowing in the breeze, or listen to the bees buzzing in the flowers…

…they enjoy the gifts of nature like the dirt and stones or the the tiny sunflower picked just for them…

…they will even find the faint moon high in the sky in the light of the day.

We can help cultivate this love for nature, not by over-talking or trying to teach about it, ruining its beauty with our over intellectualized adult point of view, but by observing its wonder and beauty ourselves. Only children really understand the glory of nature with their unspoiled youth and fresh perspective. It is not us that has something to teach our children about nature, but our children who will teach us.


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