Indoor Activities on Rainy Days? NO WAY!

I search the web with the terms “rainy day” and “toddler” and about 100 sites pop up that are all about indoor activities and play spaces to stay holed up indoors. Craziness! There are so many really wonderful things that happen on rainy days! Sure the sun is great, but you have to worry about the heat and exposure. In the rain, just put on a few layers of wool or fleece with some great rain gear and boots and you are all set! This is also a great opportunity to reverently watch your children discover the beauty of nature and experience the full spectrum of Mother Natures and God’s creations.

So, I have complied here 10 great things that your toddler will love to do OUTDOORS on blustery, rainy days!

1. Splash in puddles! Seriously, can you imagine anything better for a child than a great big pool of water to run through!

2. Play in the rivers that run from the drains. Such great problem solving skills are gained by rerouting and altering the flow of water. In our yard we have the perfect drain that flows a river down our entire yard.

3. Play with MUD. Worried about dirt? Fear not, it’s actually much safer to play in fresh mud in cool weathers than standing water in warm weather.

4. Watch the wind in the trees. Seems simple I know, but my boy will stand and watch wind in the bushes and trees for do long.

5. Watch the rain fall. Children are the best at meditating in nature, right? :)

6. Feel the rain on their little face.

7. Go for walks.

8. Experience cold and discomfort. I’m serious about this one, it’s a good thing to learn to adjust to uncomfortable things, to learn what temperature means. Though younger children, like babies and toddlers, cannot tell you if they are feeling cold, so be sure to check them often to make sure they are not too cold to be outside and be sure to have the proper gear.

9. Get healthy! Being outside is so great for your health, as long as you are so dry (rain gear) and warm (woolen underclothes).

10. Lastly, this is for after, drink warm mint tea while taking a warm bubble bath to warm up from outside. Follow this up with some cozy Mommy cuddles and you will have the perfect blustery day.


5 thoughts on “Indoor Activities on Rainy Days? NO WAY!”

  1. Great post! Since I am practitioner of Chinese medicine I have to mention that mint tea actually cools the body. If you really want to warm up after playing in the rain, I recommend tea made from fresh ginger root with little cinnamon and honey. Also hot chicken or beef broth will keep little ones strong and healthy!

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